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My daughters car, a '97 Taurus GS has a white fog coming from the vents.
It's giving off a thick fog that coats the windshield and has a strong foul
smell. Anyone have any clues on what may be wrong? Don't know if it is
related but the check engine light came on for a while 2 days prior.

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Never seen or heard of that happening before.

Sorry I can't help.

This nmight be a job the FoMoCo stealers in your area.

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Ouch is right! The problem with car is a leaking heater core. It looks like a radiator yet smaller - it resides right behind the center of the dashboard in that car and when you want heat and turn on your fan or defroster - the blower motor and fan take the heat from this core and direct it into the car. The foul smell is anti-freeze and it can make you sick after a while. It needs to be fixed before it blows and you smoke your engine due to overheating. Good Luck.
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