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And anyone that has been lauged at because they like the Tempo and the Topaz and are fixing them up.

I was reading in the January 2001 issue of Hot Rod Magazine and I ran across the Roddin at Random section and there was an article titled <I> A Hot Rod Yugo? The end of the world is Nigh!</I>. Here are a few exerpts:

<I>"... Is Dave Benton a hot rodder? His ride of choice is the furthest thing from what most would consider a hot rod to be."

"... in the scheme of things, 14.80s (down from a stock 21.10) in the quarter mile, even naturally-aspirated, isn't all that fast,..."

"...a homemade intake manifold (with home made ram-air system)..."

"<B>Being a hot rodder isn't just about speed or style... it's about making what you have better than it was, on its own terms, with your own ingenuity and innovation.</B>"</I>

Just wanted to share with you guys that we are all hot rodders, no matter what anyone tells you. We just chose to take the less traveled route by not having <I><U>another</U></I> hopped up Mustang or Civic.
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