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Christmas has come early for Australia's motoring, motorsport and memorabilia fans with the launch of the first official model of Allan Moffat's legendary Trans-Am Mustang.
The ultimate Christmas gift for any motor racing or car enthusiast, Moffat himself commissioned the production of this beautifully-detailed limited-edition 1/18th scale model of his favourite car.

Moffat's Boss 302 Mustang hit Australia's tracks with a bang over 30 years ago, winning 101 times from 157 starts, and turning itself into arguably the most famous car in the history of motorsport in this country.

With Moffat personally overseeing every aspect of its production, the new Trans-Am Mustang model is beautifully detailed inside and out according to his exacting specifications.

"People with a passion for motorsport and an eye for the finest of detail will really appreciate this model," Allan Moffat said.

"The Trans-Am Mustang meant more to me than any other car in my career, so I wanted to make sure that this model was authentic down to the very last detail and worthy of the car and its success."

Moffat's Trans-Am Mustang model features opening doors and bonnet that reveal brilliantly authentic racing interior and engine bay, while the bodywork and paint depict the car in its original and most famous guise.

And it comes complete with a signed certificate of authenticity, in a box that details the car's full history in words and some very rare pictures.

The Allan Moffat Trans-Am Mustang costs $299 (inc. GST) plus $13 postage and handling. To order call Hot Memorabilia on (03) 9818 1688.

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damn 299bucks is a bit steap. Damn it rules though. Will it be sold in shops or only on order?

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You can order the Moffatt Mustang from Gateway Models in Brisbane, same price $299 and with free freight (world wide)!


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next generation Mustang?..Modern Muscle

I'm jurnalist from Europe...
I'm writing a series of aricles about Muscle cars..
now is the time to write sth about Modern Muscle..
can You recomand me some articles where I can find sth about this..

for example; definition of Modern Muscle:
1)Chrysler 300 SRT8 , Jeep SRT8 are Muscle cars? (for me Yes: big, powerfull V8 , and attitude (image) of that cars Jeep SRT8 is a Killer :)!
2)WHAT IS THE FUTURE OF Muscle cars:
for how long it will last..Firebird 2018 -the last Muscle car?...
...Hybrid Muscle..because of gas - prices?
I'm affraid that gas bussines alone will kill muscle...soon !...which i s the thing I hate most in economy (kill the spirit and free thinking :)

very interesting is also to speculate what retro-Muscle will come next..if..any more than three Pony cars we have allready....

still theres no classic midsize retro- muscle cars interpretations..
I think Pontiac should make GTO, there 'll be probably no next Firebird (because of Camaro) ,
Cherolet can bring back proper Impala, Chevelle, ..or Monte carlo SS - nicelly done it could be a hit !
Chrysler has to rework Charger, because now it's a production joke (although as a Police car it looks Good ! :)
It wold be nice to see modern Roadrunner (like for example: great Michael Leonhard concept),
Barracuda which is my favourite but it has I belive less chance bigcome back,....
Ford seems to be so glad with it's forgot about Torino...mercury cyclon. is waiting.??
I really wish GM , FORD and CHRYSLER a good weather (golden age) with Muscle car's what they should do ..! ..and do it fast before acountants , greenpease lobbies ..and gas prices will kill the phenomena..

so what do You thinkabout this topics....?
please, if You can sugest some articles , some thoughts, I'll be greatefull

ernest z.
[email protected]

Now I'm working in dealership withe second-hand cars, selling luxury cars from America, but it's not enough.., I would like to come to US and have a closer look to modern muscle.:)
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