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1989 ford Probe LX Automatic 2.2 liter
(pictures below)

I live in Ny (Fulton, just north of Syracuse).If you decide to buy the car you will have to come pick it up, sorry.

Now lets get to the car. We'll start with the bad news. The transmission slips when it shifts from one gear to another, however the car is very drivable. Their is a dent in the driver side door(see pictures) from where a car backed into it, the door still opens and locks and the window goes up and down just fine as well. The headlights are supposed to go up and down (duh!), but one is stuck up and the other is proped up and other than that they work just fine. The rest of the bad news is all small like its missing a front right blinker, and the radio isnt hooked up (the retard who owned it before me had a system in it and when he unhooked it he never hooked the old system back up). The interior is in very good shape. The car has 136,000 miles on it and it still runs like a charm.

if your interested post what you will give me or e-mail me at [email protected]

to see pics go to
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