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please somebody buy these things off me.

I have a set of headers for 2.5 probe. Pacesetter headers ceramic coated then power coated silver. They are in great shape never install. brand new. I will sell them for 220.00 out the door. also a set of rims. check them out on my web page 1100.00 and a sho-gun wing 175.00. please buy this stuff...i need to get rid of them soon. Moving out of my place and no where to keep them.


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I'll take the headers...


I'll buy the headers from you. There will be a small shipping cost (to Sacramento) but I'll cover that. I would normally drive to pick them up, but with gas so expensive these days, it's easier to ship.

I'll email you for details :D


PS - wheels look great! I had a set of 18" Katana K-OSS - great looking....good luck selling them!

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I'm interested too.

If Dan doesn't want/buy them, I will.

Let me know the status.


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Gee I would love to be able to get some good headers for my Probe. I think that there are some real issues though for our RHD cars in Australia.............something about them being 'back to front'......Does anyone know if this is true?

Also, do Pacesetter make headers that fit an auto?

Yeah, I know I should probably be asking them.................I have. And nobody has bothered getting back to me :(
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