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According to the J.D. Power and Associates 2006 New Study SM, 77 percent of new vehicle buyers consult independent online resources during their search for a new vehicle.

- “I will never buy an import again.”
- “Is this really built by Ford?”
- “This vehicle really surprised me.”
- “My first Ford since 1980.”
- “It felt good to buy American.”
- “ Toyota and GM had better watch out!!”

Here are some verbatim comments on the new 2007 Ford Edge posted to Yahoo! Autos (, one of the industry’s most visited automotive Web sites:

1) “Where should I begin? Test drove all the import CUVs and hybrid models. Took the Edge out for a ride and ‘wow wow wow’. And all at a price for less than the imports. Now that is value AND quality. I cannot stress the quality and craftsmanship enough. And that engine and six speed transmission are soooo perfect, always peppy and always in the right gear. I am so happy I traded in my Toyota Camry for this. Thank you Ford for finally making some great American vehicles. If you keep making vehicles like this, I will never buy an import again.”- By James from Los Angeles

2) “This vehicle really surprised me, it is a very comfortable car, you feel very safe in the car, it really turns heads, people ask me at the gas station ‘What car is that’ and they are all surprised it is a Ford. I looked at the Toyota, Nissan, Volvo, Mazda and Honda and for the money this was the best vehicle and it has all-wheel drive, great gas mileage and now I hear it also is getting great safety reviews from the insurance companies and the government.”- A. Knewfordman from Ann Arbor, MI

3) “The Edge is a real winner and can go head-to-head with any manufacturer. My recommendation is to go out and test drive one. You will be surprised by this vehicle and will be asking yourself, ‘Is this really built by Ford?’ I would not hesitate to recommend the vehicle to anyone who was in the market for a crossover vehicle. This is saying a lot, for I am very hard to please when it comes to my vehicles.” - Southern Gentleman from Virginia

4) “I absolutely LOVE my 2007 Ford Edge. Unlike the other crossover wallflowers, the Ford Edge makes a BOLD statement, with its 3-bar chrome grille and intriguing shape. Compared to the GMC Acadia or Saturn Outlook, the Edge is amazing! All in all, I love the Edge, and if you need a vehicle that is fuel efficient, with plenty of cargo room, plus a little style, this is the vehicle for you. Nice job Ford!!!” - Shannon from Wisconsin

5) “My first Ford since 1980. Great car puts the fun back in driving. This is probably the best vehicle I have owned since my ‘79 280ZX. This car is a must see.” - Mike from Maryland

6) “I absolutely love my Edge. As a ‘young’ man with a 4-year old and infant I needed utility but didn't want to sacrifice styling and performance. It feels good to support the American brands, I was tempted to buy a Nissan Murano or Toyota Highlander but after driving all of them I truly preferred the Edge. Highlander was bland; Murano was actually really nice but didn't feel any better than Edge. The 6-speed transmission is very efficient with all that horsepower, somewhere around 265 hp.” - James C. from Los Angeles

7) “I will confess, I have been a GM guy forever, almost always Chevy. But I soon grew tired of having to buy a giant SUV like a Tahoe or a Suburban to get high quality and luxury and solid ride. This Edge can't even be compared to the tin filled cabin of an Equinox with no navi or DVD option along with being underpowered. I read the business press like everyone else and after driving this WOW vehicle, not only will I buy it next month, but I believe it will be credited as the car that turned the Ford Motor Company around. Before you follow the crowd and over pay for an overpriced import with a 4-cyl. engine, drive this car.” - Thoroughly Impressed from Illinois

8) “Ford has hit a homerun with the Edge. It delivers an outstanding ride with plenty of power to get you to your destination in a hurry, all while looking good doing it. The interior is quite roomy throughout and it is loaded with plenty of creature comforts. Delivering a whopping 265 hp, you still get a very respectable 18-25 mpg. If you are in the market for a new SUV look no further than the Edge, it will not disappoint.” - Jason T. from Hemet, CA

9) “What a cool vehicle. Ford has simply outdone itself and the competition. Great, edgy styling looks fantastic by itself and simply relegates competitors to ‘wallflower’ status. Ford Motor Co is making a roaring comeback and this CUV is the benchmark among CUVs. Toyota and GM had better watch out!!” - Jeremy from San Francisco

10) “Great all around vehicle. Vista roof is unbelievable. Navigation is easy to use and master. Test drove Mitsubishi Outlander and Toyota Highlander and the Edge felt more substantial while handling and responsiveness was maintained throughout higher speeds and terrains.”- Skeptical Rich from Blue Ridge, GA - Ford.


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