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Hey people,

For sale:

XD XE XF Webber Carby and manifold (2 barrel)
XW XY Pre Crossflow Engine 40thou up, rebuilt by ford
XC-XF Crossflow engine (complete P/S, A/C)
Brand New Lukey Extractors (Crossflow)

Short Engine (TX3) Including Timing Belt and pulleys
Head (TX3)
Rocker cover
Exhaust manifold
Fuel Pump (Carby type, not EFI)

2Ltr motors
2ltr blocks/rods/crank/bearings
2Ltr Heads (one with near new seats)
Square headlight
Rear shockers/supports
2 steering wheels (after market, some cracks, one with boss kit)
Front bumper, chrome, EC, only one over-rider (rubber)
Wide cheviot wheels with AVON racing tyres back
Escort/Cortina Ghia rims
Center consoles (one with clock)
Dash surrounds
Full Rally Pack Trim Black with grey EC

If you interested in something, let me know, and we can work out a price.


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ford_xy_gt said:
Ive emailed and sent heaps of pics and prices, and you never buy anything. These wheels go on the car you wanted for $1000 (escort, coupe, warm 2ltr etc etc)
aint interested in the 2l any more as ive got 1 that game with the 2 door for 150 with really strong mtor and twin webbers only want to see the pics of the mages and the price on them thanks mate
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