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We’ve all heard the phrase “all show and no go” before and never has it been more evident than in this video. As the story goes, the person filming the Ford F-250 6×6 (not pictured) ran into the owner of the maroon 6×6 and endured the owner of the custom truck talking about how great it was. Immediately after the conversation, the Ford F-250 6×6 owner fires it up and goes to leave.

The problem is that the truck was unable to tackle the small hill at the end of the road. The entire scene is caught on video, and the accent of the guy recording the video is worth watching alone. As for what happened to cause the Ford F-250 6×6 to fail at climbing the hill, we can only speculate from the video.

As near as we can tell the middle axle was forcing the rear drive wheels off the ground and reducing their traction to the point where the rear tires only spun. It doesn’t appear that the truck has 6-wheel drive, or even 4-wheel drive engaged. We can’t tell from this angle if the truck is anything other than a rear-wheel-drive Ford F-250 with an extra axle added on.

There is also a chance that there was some sort of mechanical failure with the drive train that kept the front wheels and the middle axle from helping out. What we do know is that as it sits, the truck is certainly not up to the task of everyday use. We’d hate to see what level of fail ensues if the owner tried to take the Ford F-250 6×6 offroad. Anyone dreaming of a 6×6 Ford truck that works should check out the Hennessey Velociraptor 6×6.
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