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I am from California. my 94' F150 xlt has been running like a dream until the past few days. My transmission is making SCARY noises. It started as a loud buzzing sound when I was driving on the freeway, the noise sounded and 'felt' almost under my fit, mid truck. When I took my foot off the gas pedal it stopped the horrible buzzing/chanking sound.

Today the transmission really started to manifest its illness. When I come to a stop, the transmission down shifts HARD as soon as I stop almot, 'clank clank, chunk'

I am noticing a mild loss of compression/acceleration when I press the gas pedal, as if it is not shifting into gear at the right time.

The sound of the clanking and chunking when I stop is also felt in the cab, it is a hard clank sound when I stop and is strong enough to make a to and fro movement of the truck. make sense?

I am worried, because I have ZERO money, I am disabled on a very low fixed income AND the problem has just seemed to escalate today.

Is my transmission slipping or shifting hard? Could it be a valve?, low fluid?, or poor vaccuum? The ONLY change to my truck in the past 3 weeks was an oil change AND a new battery.

Does my truck have any computer technology in it that might need to be reset since I installed a new battery?

I am located in Livermore, CA. (outer bay area) I would be grateful for ANY help or advice.

Thank you, :wank2:
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