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Ford Falcon AU2 LPG only - shot gas converter

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Hi guys,

My old trusty AU2 has finally shot the gas converter. It does not want to start and when trying coolant flows like crazy form the converter.

I had a bit of the search, and it seems barely anyone sells Vialle converters any more, and they are not in stock for those who do sell them.

What are my options?

Any suggestions where to get a recon or a new converter? Recommendations in Adelaide for a trusty LPG place?

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Overhaul and repair kits are readily available see Vialle LPG Converter Genuine Repair Kit, AU, BA, BF, FG factory gas Ford Falcons | eBay etc and as the say: " There is a detailed instruction booklet included along with a complete converter break down picture to make parts ordering and reassembly easy. "
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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