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Ford Focus for Australia and FTE?! Oh yeah.....

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....streaking down the Western Ring Road...a Focus has been sighted in Melbourne, Australia....obviously on it's way to FOA HQ! It was a grey, base-spec Focus but nevertheless, it was a FOCUS! Rumours have it that it will be released in Australia through Tickford! Considering that ProDrive have now acquired Big Kev...I'M EXCITED! Just hope these rumours are true!!!!
Anyone know anything?!
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Polites never ruled out the possibility of a Focus in Australia.

Polites quoted that
"We'll introduce Focus at a later date when we have the right package for this market, at a price that makes good business sense."
He said this late last year when the company was reviewing the product line-up for 2001.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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