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Ford Focus mk2 1.6 ti-vct installing a led in the cigarette ashtray space and be active only when the interior lights of the car are turned on?

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Hello all,

I have a Ford Focus mk2 1.6 ti-vct 2007 and I have removed completely the cigarette ashtray since I don't smoke and I wanted to have this space for storage. I want to install an orange led with 1kohm resistor in that space (in front of the gear shift) because I want to have a dim light in there. I do not want this led to be active always but only when I turn on the lights and the interior lights in the dashboard light up automatically.

Now I have checked with the multimeter the power lines for the cigarette and the light and they both give 12v continuously. Anybody knows where can I get 12v (or 5v will be enough for dim light) and to be only active when I turn on the lights of the car?

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