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Ford is preparing to take on the front-wheel drive Nürburgring lap record with the all-new 2009 Focus RS. The current front wheel drive record is held by the Renault Megane R26R, which set a blistering 8 minute and 17 second run, eclipsing the previous 8:22 of the Chevy Cobalt SS.

U.K. publication AutoCar reports that the R32 was spotted last week running at the famous north loop, a move which sparked the rumors. Now a Ford rep is stoking the flames.

"It's no secret that we will be looking to achieve a time at the 'Ring, but there's no set schedule for it," said the unnamed source in an interview with AutoCar. "We didn't get any opportunities before Christmas because the car's production set-up wasn't confirmed and the weather was against us. But we can work on it now."

An industry day will be help on March 31st and it is expected that would be the first possible opportunity for Ford to go for the record.

The 2009 Focus RS is powered by a turbocharged 2.5-liter Duratec five-cylinder engine with 295hp and 302 ft-lbs of torque. It also makes use of a Quaife limited slip differential and a unique-to-the-RS suspension setup.

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