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The supercar split in half and caught fire after a collision with an Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and at least one other vehicle.


ford gt los angeles crash

Two people were transported to a hospital following a fiery wreck that destroyed a Ford GT and involved three other cars Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles. The extent of the injuries of those involved in the crash is currently unknown.
The Los Angeles Fire Department responded to the crash on Wilshire Boulevard in front of the Beverly Hills Plaza Hotel & Spa, in the Westwood neighborhood of Los Angeles at 4:28 p.m on Saturday, a department spokesperson confirmed to Road & Track. At least three other vehicles, including a white Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio and a BMW X3 were involved in the collision, images from the crash site show.
ford gt crash in los angeles

One person was ejected from their vehicle as a result of the crash, fire department officials said. Witnesses at the scene described seeing one of the vehicle’s occupants lying motionless in the street before emergency responders arrived. One fire engine and two rescue LAFD vehicles responded.
"The impact that tore the GT in half sounded like a bomb exploding; it shook our entire building," said Frank Gagliano, who witnessed the crash from his home. "Before LAFD arrived, flames were about 20-feet high as the front end of the Ford GT burned and filled the air with dirty brown smoke."
Video and images from the scene of the crash showed the GT fully engulfed in flames and completely split in half in front of the cockpit. Debris from the car was scattered around Wilshire Boulevard, and the remnants of the GT’s front clip were thrown multiple lanes away from the rear portion.
Warning: Video below shows sensitive content.

One Instagram user who claimed to witness the accident claimed the car “lost control and caught fire.”
"Street racing is a constant problem on this section of Wilshire Boulevard," Gagliano said.
An image uploaded to Instagram earlier on Saturday shows what appears to be the same Ford GT parked near where the accident took place, in Beverly Hills. In another video recorded that same day, the car is shown with a paper temporary plate mounted.

Police have not yet responded to our request for additional information.
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