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Hi all,

I bought a second hand Ka (1998/hatchback) with no manual ;< .I was
wondering if it is possible to get an electronic copy of the manual

Furthermore I have a flat tyre and have now realised there is no wheel
bolts' wrench (hope that's the correct term; basically the thing you
use to remove the bolts of the wheel, I've seen the name brace used as
well). I could find the car jack ok, but I couldn't find the wrench
anywhere! Am I missing some obvious place where to look for it?

In case it is in fact missing, I have no idea what is the size of the
wrench I need to buy. Could someone knowledgeable advice on what that

I think I am also going to have problem on how to take the wheel off
the bottom of the car. Is it just about unscrewing the bolt I can see
in the inside?

Thanks in advance...

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the wrench should be slotted inside the jack-its only about 7" long though
yes just unscrew the visable bolt in the boot and the wheel lowers down
(although the hook could be seized on the carrier

if you still carnt find the wrench then you can buy any 19mm wrench from
halfolds etc
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