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Ford Man's new toy...

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I've gone from this...


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To this.. with a shell card!!...


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To sharing this with the missus.. :( :(

I hate my place of employment at the moment. Mob of pricks.. :fmad:


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It's gunna be a long 12-18 months though!! :(
EF_Falcon_GuY said:
Well as long as you don't get a holden it's all cool. BTW nice ute that you had there, hehehe got the same wheels as my baby. How many inch's did you lower it by??? I'm guessing 2.5inch's.
Must have gone pretty quick as well being a ute.
2.5 inches on the nose EF... good guess!!.. :)
My best mate had a VH 308 Group 3 Brock with the HP motor (210kw from memory), and it killed him on a few occations. Mind you when I drove it, it killed everything in sight!! He was a bit timid with his right foot until I taught him how to drive the sucker.. hehe..

Work are currently trying to give me a Holden Rodeo for work use (Home garaging, NO private use), but I've told them to jam it in their clacker. I'm pushing to get a Falcon XLS Cab chassis ute for the better cab security for my tools ;) I'll let you know how I get on..
Thanks mate. I'm hoping to get the steel tray instead of the aluminium jobbie. Bit of extra weight for the drive days.. ;) ;)
ProbeBandit said:
Is that a Festiva? !?!?!?!?!?!?! :eek:
Anyways, just wanted to say whats up...
Sure is.. proudly built by the Kia Motor Company. We've been really lucky with it *touch wood*, no dramas at all and we've had it for 2 years now.

Isn't it meant to be Waaassssuuuupppp!!??????... ;) :thumbup:
Phwoar!!... Now that's ricey!!...

I made sure we got a manual when we bought it. It's gutless enough as it is without being an auto!!..
EF_Falcon_GuY said:
Hehehehe with all that crap on the car will it even make it to 80kmph.
Hehe.. thinking of bolting a blower to her so I can get the power up to 75kw!!... haha oh that hurts!!..
Nothing like pulling this piss outta yourself is there!!... :wink2:
Ok. New work bus was ordered today. XLS styleside ute, 5spd, air, CD, Cruise, ABS and 17" XR wheels. Be interesting to see if the 17's make it on to the car or are removed from the options list by some nasty person from fleet. I'll lets ya's know in a month or so if they turn up on the car!!.. ;)
:evil: LOL!!!! $10 says that they won't ;) :rolleyes:
You looking to win back some brass are ya??.. hehe.. The only thing they can say is no, so it's worth a shot!!.. :D
At least I talked 'em out of a bloody Holden Rodeo!!.. Phaarrk that. At least it's gunna have a blue oval on it.. :D :thumbup:
I had someone from fleet ring me about the 17's this arvo.. They asked me if our manager had signed the form.. "Bloody oath he has" was the reply.. hehe.. ;)
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