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Ford Man's new toy...

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I've gone from this...


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Geez Ford Man, thats abit of a depromotion abit scummy by the company for sure.

Well as long as you don't get a holden it's all cool. BTW nice ute that you had there, hehehe got the same wheels as my baby. How many inch's did you lower it by??? I'm guessing 2.5inch's.
Must have gone pretty quick as well being a ute.
ahh mate talk about ricer stereo types, geez Evo 5 kit on festiva come'on, on even goin to comment on it. :WH: :WH: :WH:
Hehehehe with all that crap on the car will it even make it to 80kmph.

I'm pretty cool with people driving these so called compact cars, as long as they use it as intended. By meaning if they do not try to mod it. Or even more make it ricey, grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I mean these cars do save fuel etc, but when you start to mod it then i say get a falcon....
Too right there Ford man, good thing you managed to get a blue oval for the work horse. When i borrowed a company car from my work last year it was a VT commo, could do anything about that. :( :(

Yeah i hope you can get that ute as a daily car, that would be sweet. ;)
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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