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Ford Man's new toy...

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I've gone from this...


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Ford Man said:
Ok. New work bus was ordered today. XLS styleside ute, 5spd, air, CD, Cruise, ABS and 17" XR wheels. Be interesting to see if the 17's make it on to the car or are removed from the options list by some nasty person from fleet. I'll lets ya's know in a month or so if they turn up on the car!!.. ;)
LOL!!!! $10 says that they won't ;) :rolleyes:
:evil: LOL!!!! $10 says that they won't ;) :rolleyes:
You looking to win back some brass are ya??.. hehe.. The only thing they can say is no, so it's worth a shot!!.. :D
Ford Man said:

The only thing they can say is no, so it's worth a shot!!.. :D
You can't blame a man for trying :D
At least I talked 'em out of a bloody Holden Rodeo!!.. Phaarrk that. At least it's gunna have a blue oval on it.. :D :thumbup:
Could ya talk em into supplying a fleet car to me HAHAHA :rolleyes:
Too right there Ford man, good thing you managed to get a blue oval for the work horse. When i borrowed a company car from my work last year it was a VT commo, could do anything about that. :( :(

Yeah i hope you can get that ute as a daily car, that would be sweet. ;)
Ah yes, the company vehicle rollercoaster ride. Good news to hear you're getting yourself back into a Falcon ute again, and a tricked up manual to boot.:p's to hoping for the 17" rims. Should be a good entertaining ride.:wink2:
I had someone from fleet ring me about the 17's this arvo.. They asked me if our manager had signed the form.. "Bloody oath he has" was the reply.. hehe.. ;)
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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