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Just a question....for y'all out there...I've got a 96 4.0 ranger...4x4...that I've got a 5.0 for from a 86 crown has the entire harness and far as mechanical stuff I got it down like making new engine mounts and making room for stuff and all that good jazz....but my issue is with wiring...I'm not all that good at it and I don't want to put a bunch of money into buying a harness to convert the 4.0 harness to work with the 5.0...since I got the 5.0 harness with the ECU...what all else do I have to hook up to make it run and drive down the road...if I don't have like tach or speedo I'm not worried but I do want to be able to know if it's overheating and if there's an error code of some kind...also I don't have to worry about PATS for either
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