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I have to go to the junk yard to get a rear end for my 97 ranger with a standard trans and 4 cyl. Does anyone know what other vehicles will fit my truck ie the explorer? Also do the 4 and 6 cyl.s have the same rearend? Any help would be appreciated.

· Randy Williams
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4 banger rangers all came with 7.5" rearends,or at least the 93+ years did. if they had 8.8" it was for some reason i don't know, or someone swapped it out for one.

i know some v6's (3.0) come with 7.5" rear ends since i have one that does. i'm not sure if they have an option to get 88's or not but most likely.

4.0's all have 8.8's, or so i've read. some of the newer ones actually have bad ass 8.8's you can get with nice sets ups.

as for any other vehicles with the same rear end,

model rear end

mustang (not sure about v6's) 8.8
f-150 (could be wrong, but i know svt's don't) 8.8
explorer,mountaineers 8.8 maybe 7.5 as well
expedition,navigators (could be wrong) 8.8
crown vic's,town cars, grand marquis 8.8

those are most likely right, but like i said above, i could be wrong. just remember if do not get a rear end out of a ranger, it will have to be shortened to the right width. your best bet is to go with a ranger's.
sorry so lengthy, but i hope this helps.
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