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I don't know if anyone have notice that Ford has slashed over 30,000
jobs. This is a huge cut, many people may not know that Ford and other
auto industry have remove more then 65,000 jobs in 2004 - 2005. Now
they are going to remove more jobs, shut plants.

Unlike South America, Asia, and Europe - American CEO make millions of
dollars - that's 300 times more then what public is making - including

It is true CEO do not deserve "100%" blame, but nonetheless they do
deserve some. If they really care about their fellow worker then they
would not be as greedy as they are now. However, the biggest crime CEO
and other big shot have committed is not cutting jobs, but hiding the
facts from public.

What facts?

World crude oil production is falling - and it has or about to reached
a peak (all time high). Already, many big oil province are seeing water
cuts (meaning they are producing more water). Those of who are not
aware of these shocking fact should read this article.

You may ask what does this have to do with auto industry? Well, for
starter they will not be able to sell SUV and other gas guzzling cars.
And as price of oil go through the roof, some people won't be able to
afford the car they already have. Ford and other auto industry should
have taken this into consideration. But did they? So far evidence speak
for itself.

Thanks for reading.
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