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My mate that was meant to come up and give me a lift was called into work this morning, and needing the money he went in. So you guessed it, I need a lift again.

I have sent Big Mick a PM as he did offer me a lift. I hope he sees it in time.

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BMock said:
For all of us that are a little blind, Whos holding the money and how much do we need to bring? cos its to hard to read 20 odd pages on one cup of coffee.
The venue will collect your $40 as you enter the gate as well as hand you the venue disclaimer and other bits.

We will post someone at the gate to ensure only the listed competitors are entered.

My local weather reporter tells me it's not a chance in a million to rain there whatever Melbourne is like so that's good.

Extra spectators aren't an issue but they'll definitely need to rug up.

I've made some last minute changes to the entry list based on the latest PM's - this should be the final version!

User ID Car No. Class Car
1 Casper F6 AU XR6
2 Hamo F6 AU Falcon
3 Night_Lurker F6 BA XT
4 Swoopa F6 ED XR6
5 TurboLaser92 F6 Turbo Laser
6 Blue AU F6 Galaxy AU
7 Heritage F6 EL Gli
8 EFF Falcon F6 EF
9 EFXR6_Yagz F6 EF XR6
10 DansEDGLi F6 Eb 6 cyl
11 Thomas Friend F6 Fairlane Concord
12 Outback Ute F6 XH Ute
13 Psycho Chicken F6 EB
15 460Fairmont F6 Gemini
16 Jelly F6 EL I6 Gli
17 Laminge F6 Kluger V6
18 CSV LS1 F6 VS Calais
19 smciner1 F6 EF XR6
20 EF250kw F6 EF XR6
21 xacoupe F8 BA XR8 Man
22 XRFPV8 F8 BA XR8 Ute
23 Rod (pursuit) F8 Pursuit Ute
24 TTNOS8 F8 XE 351 Man
26 WorkHorse F8 XD V8 Van
27 Philbie F8 BA XR8
28 Rodderz F8 BA XR8
29 philstoj F8 AU Pursuit
30 I8AHSV F8
31 Cobra F8 AU XR8
32 Russellw F8 FPV GT
33 Botch F8
34 Big Mick F8 XR6T
35 TeamKiwi F8 VX SS
36 EA TurboClone F8 EA Gas Turbo
37 aps F8 TBA
38 PigDog F8 EF Fairmont
39 SVO351 F8 XF V8
40 motomk F8 Commodore SV8
41 TBO240 F8 XR6T
42 NZ F8 EB Fairmont V8
43 TEPSI6 F8 TE Cortina
44 Pearly F8 Fairlane
45 Thomas F8 EL XR8
46 XDC351 F8 XD 351
47 geea F8 XR6T
48 XWGT F8 XW 351
49 philstoj' mate F8 XR8 Sprint
50 Phantom F8 XR8
51 TickFord2001 F4 Mazda SP20
52 Gav M4 TN 2.4 Auto
53 thehkway M4 TR 4 cyl Man
54 pseudomorphus M4 TR Exec Auto
55 Samurai M4 TR 4 cyl Man
56 Ben M6 TF V6 Auto
57 Bain M6 TJ VRX
58 Choonga M6 TH V6 Auto
60 TH Smoker M6 TH V6 Auto
61 Trancer M6 TR V6 Man
64 TTXR8 Exhibition ELXR8 Twin Turbo
65 100% Exhibition XR6T Ute


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BMock said:
For all of us that are a little blind, Whos holding the money and how much do we need to bring? cos its to hard to read 20 odd pages on one cup of coffee.
If I remember correct its Spectators $10 and racers $40.

Also bring a few $$$ for the canteen if your get hungry or thirsty.

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Thanks to anyone who offered me a lift, got things sorted out and will be goin up with Shane as originally planned!


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Can you please put me in for the day.

Mock. Supercharged EF falcon.

OFR No.33
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What a great day/night. I'd like to thank Russell and the rest of the organisers for all the work that must have been involved so we could have a great days drag racing. It was good to meet some new people and see some nice cars running down the strip.
I'm looking forward to the next one.

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