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Following a bit of a buying spree, I'll be heading over to the eastern states to pick up two cars - I'm taking the opportunity to not only collect the cars, but also do a bit of sightseeing and catch up with those people I know over there. While I'll admit alot of my friends that will come out either with cars or for the social side of it, will be in Toyotas (everything from rice burners to old Crowns with Lexus V8's to street driven race track devotees), I'd hope you and they will appreciate whatever everyone chooses to drive and show preference too - having said that, I'll be coming over to pick up two XA Falcons, so I'm very much an intermediary when it comes to cars and style!

That said, there are a few things organised for my time there:

Feb 7th - trip from Melbourne to the Ford Discovery Centre in Geelong
Feb 8th - night in Sydney (flying up) at the Ettamogah Pub in Kellyville
Feb 9th - Driving from Gunnedah to Melbourne in newly aquired Lime Glaze XA ute
Feb 10th - night out in Melbourne - venue to be decided.
Feb 12th - Run down the Great Ocean Road - this will be with alot of Toyotas, and our emphasis is on leisurely cruise and lunch - if you're of the same ilk, feel free to contact me for details - ie no boy racers sorry.
Feb 16th - drive from Melbourne to Adelaide, inland route, Yellow Fire XA Panelvan and Lime Glaze ute in convoy!
Feb 17th, social night out in Adelaide - venue to be decided
Feb 18th - Cruise to Birdwood for lunch and Museum - I'd dearly love a few muscle cars to join us as well - photo opps abound here!
Feb19th - Drive back to Perth!

If you're free on any of those dates to come out and say hi, and the occasion takes your fancy - please feel free. I'm hoping to update the thread with a few photos and humourous stories as I go too.

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