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i'm selling this same car kit for your ipod.
link to circuit city

basically, you hook this to your car, the other part to your ipod, and you can control your ipod from your stock stereo's buttons while it charges. it makes your ipod act like a cd changer, so if you create several playlists on ur ipod, you can do CD2 and it'll switch to that playlist like it was a CD.

i'm selling it 'cuz i bought it for my Cougar and I can't seem to make it work. I need some sort of wire harness for my 12-pin stereo but can't find it.

Retails at Circuit City for $150. how's $60 plus shipping? the original manufacturer, wiretunes , sells them for $180 plus shipping. i know i'm new to these forums, but i can provide you references to two others forums i frequent and to my ebay account, including home/work address if you'd like. email me to [email protected] if interested.

it fits perfectly teh following models that have a 20-pin CD-changer adapter on their stock stereo:

98-`02 Crown Victoria
`01-`03 Escape
`98-`03 Econoline
`00-`03 Excursion
`98-`04 Expedition
`98-`04 F Series
`01-`04 Mustang
`98-`04 Ranger
`00-`03 Sport Trac
`02-`03 Thunderbird
`99-`03 Windstar
` 98-`01 Explorer
` 02-`03 Aviator
`98-`02 Continental
`00-`03 LS
`99-`03 Navigator
`98-`02 Grand Marquis
`98-`03 Mountaineer
`99-`02 Villager
`01-`02 Tribute
`98-`04 B Series pickup
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