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Hi All,

I've got an 82 XE S-Pak for sale. It had a 6 in it until 1999 when I decided to put a 302 Clevo in it but my situation changed and there's no way I've got the time to give my baby the attention she deserves. She's been pushed out of the garage as of a week ago and I can't bear to see her parked in the weather.

Some specs:

302 Cleveland
Weiand X-Cellerator single-plane inlet manifold
Holley 600 vac sec carby
Extractors into brand new very nice sounding 2 1/2" mild steel exhaust
Single Rail manual in good nick
15" Bathurst Globes (very old school I know)

The panels are very straight and the original interior is also in fantastic condition for its age. Dash and trims are in excellent cond.

This car has been in my family since new so it will be a sad moment to see it go, but my folks need to free up the space in the garage where it has been living for the last 6 years.

The car runs and drives but as I haven't had time to finish what I had planned it is not currently registered.

Some pics: Falcon/IMG_0900.jpg Falcon/IMG_0905.jpg Falcon/IMG_0901.jpg

All offers will be considered.

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