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Hi guys

I have just become the proud owner of a '07 F6 Typhoon R Spec Ego and could'nt be happier. Beast of a car!

I've been reading through this awsome forum, slowly but surely enlightening myself on the potential power this awsome car is capable of.

However, reading through alot of the fuel consumption threads, I've noticed that there seems to be something much different about my phoon. There seems to be a concensus that ppl are getting around 12-15L/100km city driving.

I've put a few tanks of fuel through the phoon and it seems the best Im getting is 17L/100km. Even wierder is that this doesnt change whether im boosting or not. I've driven a whole tank through with minimum boost and conservative driving, and Im still getting 17L/100kms. I filled it up and barely got 350km out of the tank...and that was pretty conservative driving. I had factored in high fuel consumption when I bought it...but it seems most ppl on this forum are getting much better economy.

The question is, is this normal...or could something be wrong with the tune or something else? I would greatly appreciate some input and suggestions in sussing out whats going on. Or should i just stop worrying and just boost all day long!!

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Its done about 97000kms and Ive only ever put in 98. The dealer said it may have had a flash tune, but other than that its 100% stock.

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You just bought your car, right? If you're confident that your car is mechanically sound and not modified in any way, disconnect the battery for a couple of minutes to reset the KAM and let the car re-learn to calculate the DTE and the Average Fuel consumption by using YOUR driving style, rather than the one of the previous owner, which is in its memory at the moment.
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