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Fuel injectors

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I have an 07 mustang 4.6 I had a p0202 code and replaced the #2 injector. Then I had a p203 code so I replaced the rest of them. Now I have a p0202, p203, and a p303 code I would appreciate any advice
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Good idea to check out with a noid light .
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The old fashioned way we sometimes used when noid lights were not available was to put a 194 bulb into injector plug and check it that way
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Check all fuses in any way related to possible cause , especially the Powertrain Control Module and also all wiring / connections and any ground wires

Fuse Layout Ford Mustang 2005-2009


Passenger compartment

Interior fuse box diagram: Ford Mustang (2007)

Assignment of the fuses in the Passenger compartment (2007)
Amp RatingDescription
1Mini relayAccessory delay #1
2Not used
310AWiper power/Blower motor relay
45APower mirrors
5Not used
65AAccessory delay feeds
710AElectrochromic mirror
810ACluster, Data Link Connector (DLC)
9Not used
105AIntrusion Sensing Module (ISM), Climate control
11Not used
125AClimate control, Ignition
13Not used
145AA/C cycle switch
1510ABrake On/Off (BOO) power
1710ARestraint Control Module (RCM), Passenger Occupant Detection System (PODS), Passenger Air bag Deactivation Indicator (PADI)
1810AAnti-lock Brake System (ABS)
195APowertrain Control Module (PCM) relay, Passive Anti-Theft System (PATS), Instrument cluster airbag warning lamp
2010ARadio (Start)
2110AStarter relay

Engine compartment
Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford Mustang (2007)


Assignment of the fuses in the Power distribution box (2007)
Amp RatingDescription
1Not used
230A*Climate control blower
340A*Cooling fan
530A*Driver front window motor
630A*Rear amplifier (Shaker 1000 radio)
730A*Passenger front window motor
840A*Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) #1
930A*Rear amplifier (Shaker 1000 radio)
1130A*Driver rear window motor (Convertible only)
1230A*Passenger rear window motor (Convertible only)
1340A*Convertible top
1430A*Driver seat
1530A*Passenger seat
1630A*Front amplifier (Shaker 500 radio)
20Mini relayPCM
21Micro relayFuel pump
22Mini relayStarter
23Not used
24Micro relayA/C clutch
25Mini relayCooling fan (High-speed)
26Mini relayHorn
27Micro relayHigh beams
28Mini relayCooling fan (Low-speed)
29Mini relayRear defroster
30Micro relayFog lamps
31Mini relayConvertible top (Up)
32Mini relayClimate control blower
33Mini relayConvertible top (Down)
34Micro relayDecklid
3915A**Engine #4
4015A**Engine #2
4115 A**Fuel pump
4215 A**Engine #3
4410A**Delayed accessory
4715 A**Engine #1
48DiodeA/C clutch
4915 A**A/C clutch
5015A**High beams
5110A**Convertible top
5230A**Rear defroster
54Not used
55Not used
5620A**Radio, SDARS
5720A**Decklid release
5815A**Fog lamps
5930A**SJB #5 (Passenger compartment fuse box)
60Not used
6120A**Power point #1 (Instrument panel)
6220A**SJB #7 (Passenger compartment fuse box)
6330A**SJB #6 (Passenger compartment fuse box)
6420A**Power point #2 (Console)
6530A**ABS #2
6625A**Heated seats
6730A**SJB #4 (Passenger compartment fuse box)
* Cartridge Fuses
** Mini Fuses
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