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For Sale:- Full Reco Power Steering!!!!

Hi all, I have full reco power steering racks for sale.

EA - ED Rack - $170
EA - ED Pump - $90

EF - EL Rack - $180
EF - EL Pump - $90

AU Rack - $230
AU Pump - $110

These items all come with a 6 month return policy and prices are based on changeover units only. $20 *No Changeover Fee* if, well, no changeover, duh!

Buying a rack and a pump together will incur discounts.

I also do Commodore(sorry for swearing) but that would be pointless advertising that here now would'nt it.

I have listings on ebay also if you wish to check them out. Mainly Commodore(sorry, swore again) but I do the same to those as I do to the Falcons. I trade on ebay under the name "falcadore-steering".

All sales help to put a 5 speed box into my ef fairmont. Its already paid for the au2 xr 17". :)

Any questions, please call myself on 0406 750 590.

Thank you all for reading.

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Sorry all, lost my p\w to Hellbent_ef, and cant member what email i used on it..

Location is Keilor, Melbourne, right next to Melbourne Airport.
Will deliver to anywhere in Melbourne for $20!!

Thank You
Falcadore Steering.
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