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Hello all! I'm new here, 2010 E350 ford cutaway chassis (it's a 24' shuttle bus) V10 gasser.

On the van it's got two batteries, a normal battery to start the engine, then a second deep cycle marine battery. They're both wired in parallel to a panel above the drivers seat and so I bought a 1500 watt inverter and hooked it up to the terminals in that panel. All seemed well and good but then I noticed my reverse lights were no longer working and my fan system had blown too, no AC, no heat, no fan. I suspected I blew a few fuses but they all look totally fine, however some of them aren't getting power.

My suspicion is that I've blown a fusible link somewhere, however I've only owned this van for 2 weeks and don't know where to begin, or even where they are! Any help would be appreciated and any alternative hypothesis are welcomed! Thanks all!

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I spoke to one mechanic and he was the one who suggested it may be a fusible link, my problem now is that I can't even find where those would be in my bus. I found a couple helpful videos on how to replace and test them though.

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See if this applies to your vehicle .

Passenger compartment
Instrument panel fuse box diagram: Ford E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450 (2010)

Assignment of the fuses in the Passenger compartment (2010)
Amp RatingProtected Circuits
130ANot used (spare)
215ANot used (spare)
315ANot used (spare)
430ANot used (spare)
510APassenger compartment fuse panel (SPDJB)/Brake-shift interlock
620ATurn signal, Hazard, Stop lamps
710ALeft low beam
810ARight low beam
915ACourtesy lamps
1015ASwitch illumination
1110ANot used (spare)
127.5ANot used (spare)
1410ASYNC®, GPS module
1510ASatellite radio
1615ANot used (spare)
1720ADoor locks
1820ANot used (spare)
1925ANot used (spare)
2015ADiagnostic connector (except stripped chassis)
2115ANot used (spare)
2215APark lamps, License plate lamps
2315AHigh beams
2420AHorn (except stripped chassis)
2510ADemand lighting
2610ACluster (except stripped chassis)
2720AIgnition switch feed
285AAudio mute (start)
295ACluster (except stripped chassis)
305ANot used (spare)
3110ANot used (spare)
3210ARestraints module
3310ATrailer brake controller
345ANot used (spare)
3510AReverse park aid, Rear video camera, Cutaway run/start
365APassive anti-theft system (PATS) RF module
3710AClimate control, Stripped chassis IP #1 run/start
3820ANot used (spare)
3920ARadio, Navigation
4115ARadio, Switch illumination, Reverse camera mirror, Automatic dimming rear view mirror
4210AUpfitter switch
4310AStripped chassis IP connector #1
4410AAuxiliary batteiy relay/Trailer tow battery charger relay
455AWipers, Stripped chassis Engine connector 3
467.5APassenger airbag deactivation indicator (PADI)
4730A circuit breakerWindows accessory delay
48RelayDelayed accessory

Engine compartment
Under-hood fuse box diagram: Ford E-150, E-250, E-350, E-450 (2010)


Assignment of the fuses in the Power distribution box (2010)
Amp RatingProtected Circuits
1HC Micro RelayPowertrain control module (PCM)
2HC Micro RelayStarter solenoid
3HC Micro RelayWiper
4HC Micro RelayTrailer tow battery charge
5HC Micro RelayFuel pump
6HC Micro RelayTrailer tow park lamp
7HC Micro RelayUpfitter #4
8HC Micro RelayUpfitter #3
9HC Micro RelayModified vehicle and stripped chassis run/start
10HC ISOFuel injector control module (FICM) relay (Diesel engine only)
11Not used
1240A**Modified vehicle and stripped chassis run/start
1330A**Starter solenoid relay
1440A**Run start relay
1540A**Modified vehicle and stripped chassis batteiy
1650A**Auxiliary A/C blower
1750A**Auxiliary batteiy feed, Trailer tow battery charge, trailer tow park feed
1830A**Electric trailer brake, Trailer brake controller
1930A**Upfitter #1
2030A**Upfitter #2
2150A**FICM relay (diesel engine only)
22Not used
23G8VA relayA/C clutch
24G8VA relayHorn relay (Stripped chassis)
25HC Micro relayRun/start
26Not used
27Not used
2820A*Back up lamp
2910 A*A/C clutch
3010 A*Brake on/off (BOO) switch
3110 A*Cluster battery (stripped chassis only), FICM coil (diesel engine only)
3250A**Blower motor
3340A**Anti-lock brake system (ABS) pump
3420A**Stripped chassis horn
3540A**PCM relay
3620A**Ignition switch (Stripped chassis only)
37G8VA relayTrailer tow stop — left turn signal
38G8VA relayTrailer tow stop — right turn signal
39G8VA relayBack up lamp
40ISO relayBlower motor
4110 A*Charging (diesel engine only)
4215 A*Diagnostic connector (stripped chassis)
4320 A*Fuel pump
4410 A*Upfitter #3
4515 A*Upfitter #4
4610 A*PCM keep alive power, Canister vent, PCM relay coil
4740A**ABS coil
4820A**Trailer tow stop lamp/turn signal
4930A**Wiper motor
50Not used
5210 A*Stripped chassis and modified vehicle run/start relay coil
5310 A*ABS run/start feed
5410 A*Fuel pump relay coil (gas engine only)
5510 A*PCM (diesel engine only)
5620A*Diesel fuel conditioner module (DFCM) (diesel engine only)
5720A*Trailer tow park lamp
5815 A*Trailer tow backup lamp
59Not used
60One touch integrated start (OTIS) (diode)
61Auxiliary batteiy (diode)
62HC Micro relayUpfitter #2
6330A**Trailer tow battery charge
64Not used
6520A**Power point 2 (glove box)
6620A**Power point 3 (left-hand B-pillar)
6720A**Power point 1 (instrument panel)
6850A**Modified vehicle
69Not used
7030A**Stripped chassis
71Not used
7220 A**Cigar lighter
73Not used
7430A**Power seat
7520A*Vehicle power (VPWR) 1, PCM power
7620A*VPWR 2, PCM - emission related powertrain components
7710 A*VPWR 3, PCM - general powertrain components
7815 A*VPWR 4 (gas engine only), Ignition coil (diesel engine only), Fuel pump relay coil
7910 A*VPWR 5, Transmission
8010 A*Cluster run/start (stripped chassis only)
8115 A*FICM logic (diesel engine only)
82Not used
83Fuel pump (diode)
84Not used
85HC Micro relayUpfitter #1
* Mini fuses
** A1S fuses
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