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couple of quick questions
1. My temp gauge sits at r. Is that normal?
2. My volt gauge sits at m. Is that normal?
3. My oil pressure sits a little above m and does not move. Is that normal?
and last one I promise
4. When I accelorate fast or take turns fast my gas gauge drops and stays there(some times-some times it while go back up). I have also never seen the low fuel light even when its near e.

Just wanted to know. I have been keeping my eye on them alot lately.

I don't know where "m", "r", are, because I'm not looking at the guages, but the Oil Pressure Guage is really a dummy guage. If the oil pressure is above a certain pressure then the guage stays in one position, if the oil pressure drops below a certain "threshold" programmed in the ECU, then the gauge will drop to the "low position".

As for the fuel tank level. . . those characteristics are normal. The Probes are really bad about that. In fact, if you every go to a solo II race or road racing, make sure you have at least half a tank, as certain turns or combination of turns will cause the car to starve for fuel. . .

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