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I've read the forum in the past but I'm new to join so I apologize in advance if this is miscategorized.

I was driving my '94 Ranger to a trailhead last weekend and hit a creek crossing too hard. Maybe a foot and a half deep, but water splashed pretty high. Immediately after leaving the water I heard like a gear stripping sound, I knew the danger so I shut it off right away. A guy who claimed to have been a mechanic was driving by and I explained my situation; he said he was more worried about my electricals (distributor) than my intake. Either way, I checked and dried that, the battery, and the intake and filter and drove it with almost no problems (but the occasional cough) for another 5 miles or so out of the hills, but it started coughing real bad when climbing the hills out to the main road. It got so bad I called a tow back to town before I could get to it. By this point, the check engine, check oil, and battery lights were all on. Probably didn't help that I was pretty low on gas but I know I had about 40-50 miles range left and I did check oil and coolant. The truck wasn't leaking noticeably, or more than usual.

I was able to start it in my driveway and pull engine codes. Still ran rough, bogging every now and then, but I got the following:
114: Air charge temp sensor voltage high or low (by the way, where is this located?)
10: Cylinder #1 has a problem
157: MAF fault, low voltage
543: fuel pump secondary circuit fault.

Battery voltage was steady above 12V when off and 15V or so when running.

A few days later (it's been raining a lot and I don't have a garage) I was able to go out and check again, and ran more tests after adding a gallon of 91 and some HEET (methanol additive?), my latest theory being that maybe water got in the fuel tank or lines. I pulled the plugs, which looked black but normal-ish.
I messed it up worse by dropping the MAF while cleaning it, so I have a new one shipping in any day now. Anyhow, ran some tests and got the following:

Key-on Engine-Off Test:
10 ,157, 543
Key-on Engine Running Test:
998 (failure mode), 157 (MAF is the sensor that failed)

The engine ran but would bog down every now and then or run off-balance and just wouldn't run well. Smelled like it was rich.

This being said, what steps should I take to get this thing back to normal? I plan to replace the MAF, the Intake Air Temp Sensor, fill the tank if I can get it to run all the way to the station, dump the rest of the bottle of HEET in to clear out any water... Maybe replace fuel pump?

TL,DR: I drove my '94 Ranger through a creek too fast, it got wet. Now it runs real rough and gives me error codes for the MAF, ACT, cylinder 1, and Fuel pump 2ndary circuit.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

'94 Ranger XLT 2WD 4.0L (OHV?) Super Cab
Pretty much stock. Have a camper shell and some LEDs. Still kickin' at 240k miles.

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I bet the ecu got wet and shorted out. The 998 code is what you said so its most likely dead and its probably the reason why it doesnt run well and is throwing those codes. If you have a u pull near you it would be best to grab another ecu to test.
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