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Hey everyone! My name is Gary, and LOVE my Thunderbirds! I'm currently a 2 Bird man.
My daily driver is a SunRise Red 1988 Sport I saved from the wrecking yard after the front end was torn away in an accident. I bought her and put her back together in 1995 with 61k miles and currently have 143k on the clock. Mods include: 326 stroker motor, mass-air, TCI built AOD trans (I'm in traffic alot!), 8.8" rear-end with 3.27 gears & disc brakes, and lots of other little goodies. This summer, I will be installing a Tremac, and maybe some forced-air induction. Trying to keep a stock appearance....

My newest acquisition in a 1988 Turbo Coupe. Excellent condition, leather, lighting group, sunroof.....fully loaded....101k miles and no trans. Picked her up (stole!)last week for $450...debating whether or not to swap in a 5-speed, or replace the AOD. This car will be my "toy" since it's never been wrecked.

I'm in the process of remodeling and moving my website, so I will keep you posted as that progresses!

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