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My name is Fernando Gomes Semedo. I'm Canadian but lived much of my life in Portugal. I'm a HUGE European Ford fan. RS, XR, Cossies... I even love that Ford Ka (how can anyone not love that car). I like Capri's, OSI 20m's, Cortina GT's and Sierras coupes mostly though. There is just something about a larger European Ford coupe.

I'm a proud owner of a 2000 Mercury Cougar (V6-5spd of course). The most European car that Ford has offered since the Merkur XR4Ti in North America (if you don't count the Focus). I'm also heavily involved with <a href="">NECO</a> (New Edge Cougar Owners). If you are a Cougar fan, come check out our site. We also have a great forum setup at <a href=""></a>.

I don't get me wrong. I like other non-European Fords too. I hope that I can meet other people with similar tastes here and participate in great discussions about the cars we love.

Welcome to the board, I agree with allot of what you said, The European Cars rock i don't know why we don't get more like them here. The Ford Falcon comes to mind.
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