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Hi there! Nice to see that there is a Ford forum and Mustang-topics. I like the Mercury Capri RS model 1980 and the Stangs from 79 till about 87.
Here in Holland the fuel-prices are 4-5 times higher than in the States, so US-cars are here not to afford (only stupid people like me who spend their income only at their car and don't go on hollidays or clubhopping :).

But hi guys, I am really really really jealous at your cheap petrol-price-Paradise!!!!! Man you guys can afford driving a V8, you don't even have a annually road-tax of 1200 dollars for a US-car. Man you live in paradise (although you will think life in US is expensive, man, be proud and hold on to your V8!!!!!!!).

Greetings from a former owner of a Mercury Capri RS 200cid and a Ford Mustang GT 302cid,
Ralph aka CapriRS.

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Hello Ralph glad to see someone from the Nethierlands here. True gas is cheaper and so are our taxes. But, you all have Amsterdam. You can do things their that you can't do here in the US. :D

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hi Stacy 94 GTp

Hi there! thanks for the reply, yep Amsterdam offers a lot of things to buy :) Women behind big windows standing allmost whole naked, as a lil boy i was often there to watch :)
Nowadays when I cross those hookerstreets and stop for a window with an "inviting woman" my girlfriend gets angry :) :)
And number two, softdrugs are publicly to buy and be used on the streets or the coffeeshops, a lot of youth experiment with it (but many get the easy step to cocaine!). So the drugs-thing here is bad.

But h'e! I like to trade this **** in Amsterdam in to obtain "cheap" car driving: you get those cheap babes and I get trouble-free cardrivin!!!!

Greetings Ralph

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Hi DonutkinG!

Here in the Netherlands we drive only the Euro-Fords, so that means the Ford Fiesta (=mazda121), the ford escort is new still availble, the ford Focus is a big seller, the ford Mondeo (the new ford Mondeo is still hard to be seen on the roads, too pricy). The Ford Scorpio has been dropped for about 4 years (nobody wants to buy an expensive car and call it a Ford!, for the same money people buy a BMW or small Daimler-Benz or Audi).
So just like the General Motor's Opel Senator has outpriced himself and have quit production, so did ford wisely with his Scorpio.
There are a few thunderbirds (mostly v6, becoz of the fuelprices :( ) the new thunderbird is not been traced here on the roads (too expensive for a ford, people only want to invest big money in a BMW,Daimler-benz,audi....)
The ford mustang is really seldom to be seen, only the old ones from 1979-1985 can be spotted at car-traders (but in normal traffic, i NEVER spotted a 79-85model, very strange!).
For the rest a lot of japanese **** is driving around, a lot of Mazda626 and Toyota starlett/corolla/carina and ofcourse still marketleaders: nr.1 Opel Astra (new kadett0, nr.2 Volkswagen Golf, nr.3 Fiat seisento/punto

Well that's what's happing here!
Greetings Ralph.
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