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Greetings to all FORD owners:
My name is Mike Geddry Sr. aka fomocodoc. I am the Director of MSVOOACCC and FORMOC PERFORMANCE. In addition to being the Director of this organization I am a self-employed Master Journeyman Tech who specializes in FORD Performance since 1969.
My current Ford stable contains a 85 SVO Turbo Coupe Thunderbird (under full restoration) and a 86 Mustang SVO. Past vehicles owned are a79 King Cobra and a 66 GT350H Mustangs.
If you are interested in viewing our chapter site you will find it at or my shop site Chapter has a monthly cruise with a show up & show off at a local burger place in Santa Maria, CA . We also have a Tech Day at my shop where members get a chance to work on their own Fords with free tech assistance.

Welcome aboard, from your Probe cousins from the north(BaPOC) ;), it looks as though your going to be a sought after person on this board with that knowledge;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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