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Hi Guys, Heard about this site from over on the BON, good looking
site with forums to handle about everything.

I've owned a bunch of cars, and currently have two 1997 Crown
Vic Police Interceptors, a low 12 second 1989 Mustang LX, a
10 second 1970 426 Hemi Cuda (currently in storage), a couple
of Harley Choppers (1981 Sturgis LowRider & 1949 Panhead),
and a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am that my teenage son drives :(

Good luck with the site, looks like it could be a winner..

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Hey DFord, how you doing there? This looks like it will be a real good
board after a little time. Glad to see that you made it over here as a
member :)

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DFord, the Cuda is in storage with relatives, but I'll have them get some
new pics of it and I'll get them sent to you.. :) It has the "Hemi Orange"
exterior, and black interior.. They don't make them like that anymore,
but I did hear that Chrysler is once again producing the Hemi engine
in crate form..

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Scamper LoL That's my 401K retirement fund sitting there :)

Seriously, I don't know of very many stock 1970 426 HemiCuda's
left in the country.. I drove it on the street for less than a year,
then we put a different engine in it, 4:88 gears, modified 727
TorqueFlite, and ran it in modified production..

Put it back to it's original condition before going into storage, the
original Hemi engine, 4:10 rear, etc. Only thing I didn't have was
the original exhaust manifolds, when stock we installed Hooker
headers and didn't save the factory exhaust manifolds. :(

Body and interior are in perfect condition, and it still has the
original F60/15 tires LoL Mileage is less than 20K..
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