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Hi all,

Looking for expressions of interest for a group purchase of NEW Ford vehicles.

In approx 6 months time I am wanting to purchase a new BF XR6T, so Im starting early to get organised.

Some of my thoughts already:

1. The more people partisipating the better - more 'buying' power.
2. The more expensive the vehicle the greater the discount to that individual.
3. Any discount received will NOT be shared - it stays with that person.
4. 3 'best price' quotes from different dealers across the state, while informing the dealer that 2 other dealers will also be doing the same (Victoria).
5. All paperwork/documentation on ALL vehicles available to anyone involved in this group purchase. This will ensure it is completely fair for everyone, and absolutely nothing been hidden from anyone else.

Any other suggestions/ideas greatly appreciated.

Anyone know of people doing this before - please tell how it went.

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