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GT or GTS??? please help

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hello everyone, so im trying to find someone that can tell me if this is a GT version or a GTS version. the wheels seem correct, it has the decals on the side, the middle glass on the back has the GT logo, (I've read its supposed to be blank and ive also read that some had the logo.) there is no ABS on the car and from what i have read the GTS version did not have an option for ABS. the pinstriping on the car has been painted over to make the pinstripe run the full length of the car but i believe the original pinstripe that came on a GTS version is under the paint. it also has the chrome swirlie wheels which only came on the GTS version. just wondering if anyone can give me some more insight or point me to someone that can. this was a barn find car and it has only 8,000 miles on the 2.5L V6 engine. thanks!


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