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Guage set up install

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I just made a write up on my guage install.

here's what they look like

But here we go.

Basically what you neeed is :

Guages (your choice)
used instrument cluster
1/8 thick sheet alluminum stock
assorted wire
strong 2 part epoxy
xtra large swear jar
Lot's of patiance

dremel (assorted bits including cut off wheel)
Drill (various bits)
various metal hole saws

Ok here we go :

take your used cluster apart saving the white housing, make a template on a piece of paper of the housing opening. transfer that to your alluminum. Make the marks for your guages with your compass. place the top trim piece over the gauge mount ensuring clearance for the guages. next make your guage holes, cut your guage mount out. Now for the hard part. take the white base and cut the squares that the small light sockets go into. (leave enough hight to reinstall the bulb socket) this will be glued to the back of the plate. On the idiot light section of the stock guage cluster there is a plastic strip with all the pictures for the lights on it and a strip of black squares with colored plastic windows remove each one seperately. (with the pictures use sissors give each picture the most extra material you can) So now you have a seperate picture to go with each new light, a colored square and a white bulb mount for each light.
Now you want to make a square out of paper just big enough to see just the picture (this will be your template) now arrange your lights where you would like to. make a outline of each one. Drill a hole smaller than the square. Use file to get each square perfect.

Now get your epoxy. place some epoxy on each plastic picture (be carefull not to get any on the pic itself Let that cure. next glue the colored square and let that cure, next glue the white bulb socket.

Now heat up your soldering iron. Cut 2 lengths of wire one a power the other a ground be sure to mark them for each light. Solder 1 wire on each end of the socket test with a 12 volt source. Then place bulb in socket (some sockets may get a little messed up when cutting them apart) In this case for bad sockets just use a little glue and let cure. Repeat this procsess for each light you installed BE SURE TO LABEL EACH ONE . Now install your guages , ( you may have to cut the back of the base to make room for the guages. Reffer to the service manual for all your wireing

Wireing notes:

electronic speedo - must tap into the VSS at transmission

Water & oil - new senders must be installed (provided with auto meter guages)

Hope this helps.

Have fun ! :D
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The guages were about $300. (including the pillar ones)Materials were about $25 time was about 10-12 hrs. It cost's a whole lot of patiance :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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