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Ok So, it’s 2003 ford expedition XLT. 5.4 triton. The other week I was checking the wiring on the single din deck and as I twisted it and I’m assuming the constant or trigger wire hit something grounded and then pop! After this over the course of the next week here’s the breakdown of the breakdowns:
1. Door lock on doors dead
2. Keyless dead
3. Auto lights dead
4. Can’t get shifter out of park, without pushing the release button under the lower steering column cover.
5. The radio 12v+switched is hot all the time now regardless of key
6.battery drains over night unless you unhook beg batt terminal.
7.No brake pedal adjust.
8. I still have lights, blinkers and hazards and power windows and cabin air.
9. Lastly, with the key out of the ignition and door open and the shut again the head lights will stay on and the radio will too. Also I hear what I’d call the wiper motor trying to move and end up making a clicking sound in about 10 second intervals. What I know so far is I believe the issue is partly due to my VSM Module.Is this a module I can buy third party and then what’s the cheap option to have it programmed or is there? I need this thing to be reliable, because it’s the main family hauler. So also it said in another thread I could check G201 located in the pass. Kick panel, where and how do I do that? Thank I’m advance I know this is a book sorry for being exhaustive my my description. 🙏

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Could check the fuses / relays first

Fuse Layout Ford Expedition 2003-2006

Cigar lighter (power outlet) fuses in the Ford Expedition are the fuses №37 (Cargo area power point), №39 (Instrument panel or floor console power point, Rear console power point) and №41 (Cigar lighter) in the Passenger compartment fuse box.
Table of Contents

Fuse box location

Passenger compartment fuse panel

The fuse panel is located under the right-hand side of the instrument panel behind the cover
The location of the fuses in the passenger compartment: Ford Expedition (U222; 2003-2006)

Fuse box diagrams


Interior fuse box diagram: Ford Expedition (2003)


Assignment of the fuses in the Power distribution box (2003)
Amp RatingPassenger Compartment Fuse Panel Description
110 A*Front wiper motor, Instrument cluster, Rear wiper motor, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
220 A*Turn signal flasher, Stoplamp switch, Hazard flasher, IVD (AdvanceTrac) stoplamps relay
37.5A*Power mirrors, Memory seat switch, Memory seat module
410 A*DVD player, Rear seat audio controls, CDDJ
57.5A*Powertrain Control Module (PCM) (KA power), SC deactivate switch, Manual climate control mode switch, Stoplamp switch, Brake-shift interlock (BSI) solenoid, EATC control head, BSM module, Speed control servo, 3rd row seat relay
615 A*Headlamp switch, Parklamps, License plate lamps, Trailer tow' electric brake controller, BSM parklamps relay
810 A*Rear window defroster switch, Heated mirrors
910 A*Alternator
1020 A*Back-up lamps, Back-up lamp relay, Trailer tow' parklamp relay
1110 A*A/C clutch relay, 4x4 IWE solenoid
1210 A*Speed control servo, Speed control
1310 A*EATC control head, Manual climate control head
1415 A*Climate control blend door actuator, Daytime Running Lamps (DRL) relays, Digital Transmission Range Sensor (DTRS) back-up lamp
155A*AdvanceTrac® switch, Instrument cluster
1610 A*ABS module
1715 A*Foglamps
1810 A*Electrochromic mirror, Auxiliary A/C, Climate-controlled seats module, Temperature solenoid, Turn signal flasher, Sunload sensor, Electronic park brake relay coil
1910 A*Restraints Control Module (RCM)
2030A*Air suspension module (air spring solenoids and height sensors), 4x4 module
2115 A*Instrument cluster (interior lamps), Interior lamps, Electronic park brake relay, Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)
2210 A*Door lock switch illumination, Moonroof switch illumination, Radio (delayed accessory signal), Flip window switch
2310 A*RH low beam
2415 A*Battery saver relay, Front map/Dome lamp, 2nd row dome/map lamp, Glove compartment lamp, Cargo lamp, Rail lamps, Vanity mirror lamps, Underhood lamp
2510 A*LH low beam
2620 A*Horn relay, Horns
275A*Compass, Reverse sensing system module, Brake shift interlock (BSI) solenoid, Overdrive cancel switch, Air suspension module (Run/Start sense)
285A*SecuriLock transceiver
2930A*Trailer tow electric brake controller
3030A*BSM (door locks), Liftgate glass release relay, Liftgate glass release motor, Door/Liftgate locks, Parklamps relay (BSM), Headlamps relay (BSM), Door lock/Unlock relay (BSM)
3215 A*CMS, Transmission solenoids
3320 A*Canister vent solenoid, EVR CC, HEGOs, VMV solenoid, IMTV solenoid, A/C clutch relay coil
3420 A*PCM, Fuel injectors, Idle air control (IAC) solenoid, Mass air flow sensor
3520 A*Instrument cluster high beam indicator, High beam headlamps
3610 A*Trailer tow right turn lamp
3720 A*Cargo area power point
3825A*Rear wiper motor, Washer pump (rear window wash)
3920A*Instrument panel or floor console power point, Rear console power point
4020 A*Headlamp switch, High beam relay coil, LH low beam fuse # 25, LH low beam fuse # 23, BSM (autolamps headlamp relay), DRL
4120 A*Cigar lighter, OBD II Connector
4210 A*Trailer tow left turn lamp
10130A**Starter relay, Starter solenoid
10230A**Ignition switch, Starter solenoid
10330A**ABS module (pump motor)
10430A**LH 3rd row power seat
10630A**Trailer tow battery charge relay
10730A**Auxiliary blower relay, Auxiliary blower motor
10830A**Power passenger seat switch, Passenger power lumbar switch
10930A**Driver seat motor switch, Driver lumbar switch, Adjustable pedal switch, Memory module
11150A**Air suspension solid state relay, Air suspension compressor
11230A**ABS module (valves)
11330A**Front wiper motor, Front washer pump
11440A**Rear window defrost relay, Heated mirrors (Fuse # 8)
11530A**4x4 module, Transfer case shift motor
11640A**Front blower relay, Front blower motor
11730A**RH 3rd row' power seat
11830A**Driver and passenger climate control seat module
40130A**Power window' circuit breaker, Mam window switch, Window motors, Window switches, Moonroof module
R01Starter relayStarter motor solenoid
R02Delayed accessory relayFuse # 22, CB # 401, Power windows, Switch backlighting, Radio, Moonroof, Flip windows
R03Hi-beam relayFuse # 35, Hi-beam headlamps, Hi-beam indicator, DRL relays
R04Rear window defroster relayFuse # 8 (heated mirrors), Rear window defroster
R05T/T battery charge relayTT 7 wire connector, Battery charge
R06Front blower relayBlower motor, Blower motor speed control (EATC)
R201T/T park lamp relayTrailer tow park lamps feed
R202Fog lamp relayFront fog lamps
R203PCM relayFuse # 32, Fuse # 33, Fuse # 34, Fuel pump relay, PCM solenoids and sensors
R301T/T back-up lamp relayBack-up lamps, TT connector (back-up lamps), Electrochromic mirror
R302Speed control relayElectric cooling fan clutch, Speed control servo
R303Fuel pump relayFuel pump shut-off switch, PCM fuel pump monitor, Fuel pump
R304Battery saver relayRail lamps, Vanity mirror lamps, Dome lamp, Glove box lamp, Instrument cluster
R305Horn relayDual note horn
* Mini Fuses
** Maxi Fuses

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Wondering what SINGLE DIN DECK is first of all. Is it something to do with the stereo? Make sure there's no wires touching or grounding out or look like they got hot or melted into another wire anywhere around the wires you were twisting. I would start there first
Try this trick in the video to reset and reboot your PCM. It fixes some problems we can't figure out. It sound like a major fuse or relay is that doesn't work.
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