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Since I run that kit on my car, but at the next stage, I would like to add some comments, based on my recent experience.

What is published in the Autospeed article is not my experience.. certainly in terms of the major issues.

That article was based on testing performed on the Nizpro test vehicle in the 1st week of December.
That was just prior to the major retuning effort done on my car December 9 & 10 last year, when Lok11 & Simon did substantial collaboratively tuning and road testing on my car, and using integrated OBD2 data for the first time. That data capture capability is now integrated into the dyno used by Nizpro. Out of that effort some major tuning gains were made across the whole rev range.

Results of that process will be fed back in the base Stage 2 kits for the benefits of future kits released.

When I got my car there were some idling issues related to the XEDE, and rare cut-out at idle, and Lok11 said that was being addressed. A firmware revision was issued to others and me the week before XMAS and it has resolved that problem. The car now idles well and has not cut-out since. And yes it does take 2 seconds longer to start, which is not a problem at all.

I have had 2 major problems with the car, firstly the expiry (on the Xmas Ford turbo drive day) of a brand new fuel pump, easily fixed, and the rapid deterioration of the manual gearbox, not so easily fixed.

The Cobra kit consists of two major components, 1:) redesigned inlet plenum, air box, bigger intercooler (PWR), injectors, etc, giving improved response and more torque lower in the rev range, and 2:) use of the XEDE for tuning purposes.

The car is very drivable, consistently smooth & powerful, with 341rwkw. It does not detonate, and has coped well with Sydney peak-hour traffic and a number of hot days without any problems at all. This is quite the opposite to what Autospeed have reported.

It would be interesting to get a report from Nizpro regarding what the specific problem was, and I would certainly expect Autospeed to do a follow-up to clarify the issue.

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