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Chasing down oil leaks...
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Got my head gasket and car put back together again today...

Parts and prices were...

Head machining and welding $210.00
ACL Monotorque VRS kit $169.00
2 camshaft end seals $9.50
Timing chain filter $15.00
Battery terminal $4.89
Dayton thermostat $26.99
Astral head bolts $32.06
Nulon long life coolant $34.99
Shell helix 15W/50 $25.99
Oil filter $4.50
Fan belt $15.50
Spark plugs $18.99
thermostat block gasket $2.50

Total $569.91

Now that seems bloody expensive in that kind of list doesn't it??? Except not all those are neccessary I suppose.

Oh well it seems to be running a lot better except for a few minor issues that need to be sorted out...

I forgot to tighten the bottom oil cooler line and the car was parked next to a white gyprock wall... Red dots everywhere...

The bouncing thermostat is back because I didn't drill the new one. That will have to be done although I wished I didn't have to do it.

There was no gasket for between the lower thermostat housing and the head so we assumed that it would be okay to just put some aviation sealant in there but that doesn't seem to be enough.. Leaks a bit...

Car has a tendancy to idle too high and push the car in gear however this should fix itself when the ECU is finished settling down....


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mine was fixed yesterday too :)
nice not having coolant going everywhere.

Chasing down oil leaks...
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Put in the gasket for the lower thermostat block and no more leaks...

Thermostat now comes to a rest after a little while which is goooood...

Although still reads a little high - definately need to get radiator cored and side tanks flushed...

Good to have the old girl back on the road...

!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks goes out to Alex and the crew who wrote the tutorial because it saved me a week by allowing me to be able to do most myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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