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The headlamps in my 95 Explorer won't turn on. I believe it is a result of my fiddling when I installed a car alarm. I checked the fuses. I thought maybe I fried the switch so I replaced that. The headlamps still aren't working. Anybody have any suggestions???

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This may be telling you how to suck eggs, but you need to find the part of the circuit that isn't working. I would do this using a circuit tester or a volt meter and doing the following:

1. Disconnect wiring plug from the headlight.
2. Turn on headlights (low beam)
3. Connect circuit tester/volt meter to earth and each of the wires (in turn) on the headlight wiring plug.
4. If you get a result (ie the tester lights up, or the voltage meter gets a good voltage reading), then you have blown the globes in the headlights.
5. If you don't get a result from the circuit tester, the problem is further up the wiring circuit.
6. Try repeating the circuit tester/volt meter test on the headlamp relay (if you can find it).
7. If you still get no result, then do the same test on the fuse.
8. Still no result, then try the switch
9. If you still get no result then you may need to try the BCM (Body Control Module) or the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the various fuses that carry power to/from these.

Good luck!
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