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Hi all.

Had a funny problem the other day until nopw when the low beams on my car would take maybe 3-5 secs to turn on and then last night i got nearly home and they just turned off and only the parkers remained on. I checked all my new wiring for the thermo mod, checked battery as it is old and most likely on the way out and finaly get to checking the final relay and call obbit to ask for some advice and if he felt up for a free beer ;).

Well it turns out that my 100/90 headlight bulbs have actuallt caused the inside of the relay to start to melt and warp and thus the pins made poor contact, so a quick clean and a bend and she's all sweet, however a new reley is obviously in the works its good to be able to see. WOOt thanks Mark for your quick help and hope I didne keep you up too late. Big thumbsup dude thanks.

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