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Okay, here is a quick run down on my car:

1995 Ford Probe GT

Stage 3 Port and polish Intake mainfold
Hotshot Cold Air intake
K&N filter
Pacesetter headers
Greedy c-back Exhuast system
DTM Muffler
Intrak lowering springs
Freedom design Front strut bar
17" Kantana Racing
Falken tires
Custom Gauges

furture Mods:
75 Shot NOS kit
ACT Stage 2 Clutch
Fuel Pump
upgrade brake system

Appearence mods
FX combat chin
Wing West Super touring Wing
Custom Tail lighs
FX side skirts

Kenwood head unit
Kenwood MIDs and HIGHs
Kenwood PS400 Amp
Kenwood 51/2 speakers
2 10" ORION XTR3

That's all i can think of right now....If anyone knows where i can get the Nos kit for cheap please let me know.

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Thanx! Nice car, cant wait to see updated pics. How do you like those Intrax springs im thinking about either Intrax or Ground Controls...

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Looks like you've done a lot to your car. Where you at MM2K by chance ?

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Ryder32 said:
yeah, i was hanging out with mikal lopez....My car was parked right next to his.
Yeah, I meet Mikal at the NOPI Nats last year. I thought I've seen your car before.
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