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Hello everyone, I am so glad that I have found this site, the other Vic site
Was getting a little to weird for me. OK enough about that let me tell you a little about
Me and my Vic. I am a ford service director and a blueberry farmer (you need big berries for both jobs) I own a 92 Vic that over the past 4 years have been molding into something
Just different enough to turn some heads. I enjoy taking my car to shows in the area.
We also have an old aircraft runway in the area, on Sundays many people show up and race ¼ mile, it’s a lot of fun. Hope to have many discussions with you folks in the future.


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Welcome to FF, good looking Crown Vic. Wish I had an old air strip around my house so I could drag race.:thumbup:

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Welcome to FF! Nice looking Crown Vic, just make sure you dont put a Supra/high spoiler on it (someone did it around here its just so hideous makes you wanna puke).
Yeah, like Stacy I would kill for an old aircraft runway too, but not many to be found in New York unfortunatelly (unless I wanna go run on JFK, but I dont think they would really like probey there...)
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