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Hello fellow Ford fanatics! I was referred here by a friend of mine, Wythors. While I've only had a chance to browse around a little bit so far, I am encouraged by what I see.

I live in British Columbia, Canada and I currently own a 1979 Mustang Indy Pace Car. I've had the car for nearly 3 years now and have done a number of projects on it over the time I have owned it. Projects completed include an engine rebuild, restoration of the engine bay, tranny swap and tons of detailing. Future projects include swapping in an 8.8 differential from a Thunderbird TuboCoupe, along with the rear disc brakes, and upgrading the front discs to the 87-93 11" units. I drive the car in good weather and show it at a number of events around B.C. and northwest US. You can get more information on me and my car at my website at

In addition, I'm currently the president of the Vancouver Island Mustang Association ( and a contributing editor/webmaster for the Indy Pace Car Registry of Mustangs (

As you can see I'm quite active in the Mustang community! :D I hope to get to know more folks here on this site and be a source of information for those undertaking their own projects. Happy Fording folks!
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