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My name is Robert and I live in Brandon, Florida, about 15 miles from Tampa and this is my fourth vehicle. It is a 1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4 Door. I have had only a couple modifications to it and the future hold brightness, lol. It has 15x10 inch chrome bullet-hole rims with Wild Trac 30x9.50x15 all-terrain tires. It also has a dual cat-back exhaust system and a K&N FIPK Intake Kit. Oh, and one more thing, I ported the upper intake plenum and valve guides on the heads, the exhaust ports are also ported but not to it's full extent. I estimate the HP at around 215 or 220. Not bad for a 4.0L V-6 OHV that came stock with 160 HP huh?
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