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HELP!!!!!!!!1998 ranger xlt 2.5 manual stalling wont idle

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i have a 98 ranger xlt 2.5 manual that's driving me crazy! about ready to throw a stick of dynamite in its gas tank and be done with it! i bought the truck 3 years ago knowing it needed a lot body work and front-end work to get the slop out of its steering which i didn't mind because it started and ran so good. it has sat not being started or ran for months at a time and as long as the battery stayed good it started and ran fine no issues. fast forward to a week ago now during a ice storm my son was putting into my garage to work on the brake lines for me. one had rusted out and broke from sitting so long. there's a slight incline to get into the garage. so he was giving it hell to get it in. it was still running and idling fine after he got it in. the next day we got a new battery for it put it in and started it and it stalls every time as soon as you let your foot off the gas letting it drop to after a bunch of time starting it and keeping it running by keeping your foot on the gas and then letting drop to idle to have stall the catalytic converter was glowing red hot. which it shouldnt have been. so the thought was a mouse or something had made a nest in the exhaust and with him giving it hell to get into the garage it had plugged the cat. so we cut it off thinking thats why it was stalling. didnt help. then we have replaced the throttle positioning sensor and the idle air control sensor. no change. i posted about this issue on the ranger station help forum. they thought it was misfiring burning gas and air after the cylinders and that was why the cat was glowing and that i may have a coil pack problem or cam or crank senor. soi bought it new coil packs cam senor crank senor and plugs and wires just in case. so far the coil packs have been changed and the crank senor. no change still does the same thing stall at idle. I'm losing hope that we can solve this issue. thoughts or advice on what's going on with it???????????
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Might have some stale gas. If it were me, I'd drain the gas and put in fresh along with a bottle of Techron Fuel system cleaner.
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