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Hi Guys,
new here, usually post on, currently own an 84 mustang SVO. I live in Ashland, Oregon but am originally from Perth, Western Australia.

Hoping you can help me find a car. Heres the story. In 1978 my Dad purchased a near new (10,000km's) 1977 XC Fairmont GXL for my Mum to drive. She drove it everyday and I basically grew up in it. They sold it sometime in 1999 while I was at university and couldn't afford to buy it. It was sold with something like 238K on the clock totally original with only a little rust and only ever having had one door replaced due to damage. Mum forgot to close the door one day and it swung open and hit a post. The motor had never been pulled and the only mod was a 500 Holley when the thermoquad went south.

Anyway, here are the details of the vehicle and maybe someone knows of it's whereabouts. 1977 XC Fairmont GXL, factory built with 351C, FMX, 4WD, 9" diff, elcectric windows, sunroof, vinyl roof, factory stereo (with tape player on drivers side), cloth interior, factory wheels, twin exhaust. If i remeber correctly there was a small hole in the carpet where the heel of a shoe would be near the accelerator pedal and the Fairnmont GXL badge was missing from the glovebox lid. The colour was the light metallic steely blue (unsure of name or code) with matching sunroof and interior. I could get some pics of the car but my Mum has them in Australia.

I'm not sure of the VIN number, once again I think Mum still has some of the paperwork, but the last known rego plate number was XRD-057, W.A. plate.

As I said, I'm trying to locate this vehicle or any info about it's whereabouts. I figure someone here might now of it or some othe ravenue for finding it. I am also going to try the rego authorities in W.A., but they can be a real pain to deal with so i figured i'd try here first. Hoping someone can help.

Chris Chalk
[email protected]
p.S.- also once owned an XB John Goss Special (6BW-420) that I'd love to hear about to.
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